I started a vegetarian diet 24 years ago, and am now 52.



When I found out the original diet was free from meat, I kept studying and kept learning more from both the Biblical and secular perspectives. When I found out what meat does, once it moves beyond the taste buds, I decided to quit eating meat. I also found out the Bible has health based reasons for not eating certain kinds of foods; not just because God says so. I’ve never regretted the move away from meat and nearly all dairy.  


Up until about 10 years ago, I was still getting strange looks from many people when they found out I didn’t eat meat; but they would be the ones often getting sick throughout the year with colds and flu, and often much worse.


It is true, you cannot just wake up one day and say; I am not going to eat meat anymore and stop consuming most dairy.


As with everything, you have to learn about what you are doing.



I have seen many sick looking individuals that are vegetarian. When they get sick, they look really sick. When you are a well educated vegetarian; this will not happen. The strong organic movement is doing a great good for the health and well being of society.


I went vegetarian shortly after I suffered from a number of job and auto injuries. These injuries happened within a 3 month time span; it was not fun. When I went to see my Ma during that difficult period of my life, she saw all the prescription drugs the doctors had me on. She said I need to figure out how to get rid of; at least, most of them. So I studied more.


I started to learn about vitamin and mineral supplements; but back then, most of them were useless; because they came out in the same form they went in. Then I started learning about herbs, and that is when I started experiencing serious improvements, and what got me back to health and being pain free.


It took a while to regain all I lost from the serious injuries; along with the various other complications that arise during difficult times in a person’s life. But if you are not willing to be taken down, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise; there are ways to make life work if you are willing to do what is necessary to make it, and make it well.


Since the late 80s, I have not been in to see a doctor, except to have my nutrient levels checked about 14 years ago by a DO doctor.


I regained my health through a number of ways:



I rarely eat at fast food places, but I go out with family and friends at times. When I do eat out, I typically have very little to choose from, unless it is a buffet.



Eating this way may sound boring to some people, but you might be surprised on all the different ways you can prepare these kinds of foods. Great health and a sharp mind make all of it totally worth it.


You ought to understand, the only time other people can take advantage of you, is if you are not educated in certain areas of your life. People, businesses, groups, religions, politicians and many other organizations will take advantage of you if you have no, or limited understanding on how they affect your life. The more you understand and know, the less others will be able to get away with; this is with every area of your life.



God has given each of us freewill. Most of us are not fully aware on how powerful that is.